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For only $1 a day, you can provide shelter, food, clothing, medical care, education and love to these children.  Your tax-deductible donation of just $30 a month can truly change a child’s life in the violence-stricken border towns of Mexico.


Please consider sponsoring a child today.  You can help change lives!


Love Never Fails International is working to change the lives of at-risk and impoverished children in Reynosa, Mexico.   Violence, drugs, and sex trafficking are out of control in the border towns of Mexico, yet Casa Hogar M.A.Mi has become a safe haven for hurting children in Reynosa.




The vision and objectives of the facility are to:

•Supply the needs of abandoned children living in extreme poverty, by providing them with a wholesome family environment.
•Rehabilitate the life of children, physically, emotionally, mentally, with moral and psychological support and in a family environment.
•Educate children and women to serve their community.
•Undertake actions to accomplish these objectives.
•Comply with the judicial acts necessary to accomplish the objective.

Current programs at this amazing facility include:


Casa Hogar M.A.Mi has a shelter home for girls in which they receive shelter, food, care, education, clothes, medical and emotional care, and recreational activities.   They experience love and protection at the home, all with a family atmosphere and Christian values and principles.

Who can benefit?

Most of the children in the home are referred there by the Mexican courts or social service government agencies.   They may also come from families who simply do not have the resources to care for them, oftentimes single mothers under difficult circumstances.   While living in the home, they are fed, clothed, educated, and medically cared for.  Each day, they are engaged in meaningful activities throughout the day, so as to help them rise above their negative circumstances.   They are taught Christian values and are disciplined using principles of mercy, education, training, and instruction.   At Casa Hogar M.A.Mi, they find protection, guidance, provision, and love.

Because violence is prevalent in Reynosa, security at the shelter home is of utmost importance.   In 2008, security cameras were installed in every area of the home.   The outside walls are highly protected with bars, and visitors are strictly monitored.


Day care is provided for the children of single working mothers or children from very low-income families.   Here, they receive 3 meals a day, medical care, emotional support, and clothes for children who have none.   Children are also given an education by teachers employed at Casa Hogar M.A.Mi, according to their age level.

Who can benefit?

Children of low-income single working mothers, typically single mothers that cannot afford a day care benefit.   Children from a single father household or children of families that live in extreme poverty may also be eligible.   The only charge to families is a gallon of water a week and diapers for the week for each child.


Casa Hogar M.A.Mi is contacted by the local police department regularly, searching for a safe place to bring hurting children, in an effort to rescue them from violence.  Because of the great need, Casa Hogar developed an Emergency Shelter Program.  Because we do not want to send any hurting child away, these children are taken in for 72 hours, giving authorities time to find proper placement for them.  If there is room in the shelter home at Casa Hogar, these children are transferred from the Emergency Shelter Program into the Shelter Home Program.


In June 2008, the Family Study Center started at Casa Hogar M.A.Mi.   The family study center offers parents of Casa Hogar children training on such topics as moral values, personal hygeine, how to educate their children, health issues, keeping up with their finances, and how to discipline their children in love.

The study center currently has the capacity to educate 50 parents or older individuals who are interested in improving their lives emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually.   Children of these individuals may also attend the daycare facility.


Sharing Blessings is an activity that takes place 3 times a year, in April, August, and December.   At Shared Blessings, families are given clothes, food, and toys for their children.   Once a year, a conference for women is held in which the founder of Casa Hogar, M.A.Mi, Ms. Elma Fonseca, gives a motivational speech to these women, speaking truth and encouragement into their lives.

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