Our Children

Single Parent-Homes

Below poverty line

at-risk & impoverished

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1 in 4

children in Fort Worth were living in households below the federal poverty line (2013).


students drop out in FWISD each year (2014).


juvenile suicide deaths in North Texas; while Tarrant County has the highest number of incidences (2012).


truancy infractions in FWISD (2014).

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    Student Attendance

    Student Attendance for both campuses was 86% this year – which translates to show that of all students served, 141 students came every day!

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    Academic Assessment

    LNFI Academic Assessment based on our curricula helped improve students’ scores in science, social studies, reading and math by an overall 13.4%!

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    Teacher Involvement

    125 total teacher involvement hours

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    Volunteer Mentors

    537 total volunteer mentor hours

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    Conduct Grades

    Nearly 140 students improved in their conduct grades on their final report cards!