“LNF provides our students with social skills like respect, courage and handling adversity. When our students are equipped with these skills, they have an opportunity to become successful members in the community.”Mrs. Richard, Assistant Principal (Eastern Hills Elementary)
“Without the support of Love Never Fails we couldn’t succeed as a campus. The volunteer hours, After-School Program and Basketball tournament are all greatly appreciated.” Dr. Brown-McKinney, Principal (I.M. Terrell Elementary)
“Love Never Fails implements a different approach to children who are typically written off; they take on some of the hardest cases and turn them into children with feelings and emotions.”
Mrs. Alvarado, Teacher (Van Zandt-Guinn Elementary)
“It’s amazing to see how children change right before your eyes. After spending numerous hours after school every day, these students who didn’t even know each other became a team.” Mrs. Marquez, PTA President & Parent Liaison (J.P. Elder Middle)