Who We Are

Our Vision

To see all children, both locally and globally, live a successful and joyful life.


Our Mission

Love Never Fails International exists to glorify God by providing “a hand up, not a hand out,” to at-risk and impoverished children through positive, caring relationships and educational support.


Our Core Values

1. We are Christian.  We seek to glorify God through serving at-risk and impoverished children.

2. We are committed to serving children.  We feel called by the Lord to serve children both locally and globally.  We believe that all children were created by God and possess great potential and that through encouragement, educational support, and love, they can each lead a successful and joyful life.

3.  We are committed to providing “a hand up, not a hand out.”  In our foundational scripture, Proverbs 19:17, the word “pity” does not mean “I feel sorry for you, ” but instead, “I want to help pull you up out of your struggle.”  We believe in encouraging and equipping our children for a successful and joyful life.

4.  We value relationships.  We believe that it is through healthy and safe relationships with positive and caring adults that children begin to believe in their abilities and strive to reach their full potential.

5.  We value education.  We believe that a quality education and educational support is vital to a child’s success in life.

6.  We are committed to operating with integrity.  We remain true to our mission and seek to exercise integrity in all decisions made, tasks performed, and relationships built.


Our Work

Our stateside programs operate in the Fort Worth area.  We strive to change the lives of at-risk and impoverished children in our area.  Read below for more information about our stateside work!  Internationally, LNFI operates a children’s home in Reynosa, MX.  Please check out our international page to read more about this work!


We provide this through the following:

•  After school mentoring programs
•  Periodic field trips with the children
•  Guest speakers visiting the programs
•  Special activities with the students
•  Family socials with the LNFI families


The Impact

The changes we have seen in the children of LNFI are amazing!  We have found through evaluating school-issued report cards that children who attended on a consistent basis (at least 70% of the time) and participated regularly in the program showed the following results in the 2012-2013 school year:

•   91% of the students earned passing grades on their final report cards.
•   48% of the students made the AB honor roll on their final report cards!
•   86% of the students earned Satisfactory or Excellent scores in conduct on their final report cards.


We also collected the following positive evaluations through anonymous student, teacher, and parent surveys:

•   88% of teachers and administrators said the LNFI program has had a positive impact on their school.
•   81% of teachers and administrators said they would recommend other schools begin an LNFI program.
•   94% of parents said they saw a positive change in the attitude and/or behavior of the children and 88% of the teachers and administrators said the same .
•  91% of parents feel that LNFI has helped improve their child’s reading.


You can become involved with our programs in a variety of ways.  You can volunteer as a mentor in one of our programs or donate to support our programs!




Give a hand up, not a hand out!